Mineral Sea Salt Soaks

Benefits of a Mineral Sea Salt Scrub

Dorian Gray Skincare Mineral Sea Salt Scrubs

Our skin has layers and these layers of skin rejuvenate regularly. When you find your skin fells dry or rough, these layers of dead skin should be removed. That's where the Mineral Sea Salt Scrub comes in. Using the fine grains of sea salt, helps to exfoliate or remove the dead, rough skin from our bodies. Our feet, elbows and knees can benefit immensely from a good scrubbing with a scrub! Once the dead skin has been removed, the scrub replaces the dead skin with oils. Our scrubs contain, vitamin E oil, jojoba oils and/or other natural oils to soften these formerly rough areas and aids in retaining moisture in your skin. Your skin feels softer and smoother after just one use.


Don't go overboard with the scrubbing! Use light circular motions to remove the dead skin making sure to wet the areas before applying the scrub. With continues use you can keep the dry, itchy, rough skin at bay. This scrub can be used as a body or foot scrub. You can also use the scrub on your face. Be sure not to apply over any abrasions as the salt can sting (you know...throwing salt on the wound...not good). The salt removes layers of dead skin and provides moisture to the skin and the vitamin E oil helps with diminishing scars.

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Make a Bath More Than Just a Bath

Is your bath just a bath or is it an experience? Bath Soaks allow you to transform your bath by recreating the feeling of soaking in the sea. We put essential oils in our bath soaks that are therapuetic and fragrant. Have you ever seen a swimmers dewy skin? If you can't soak in the actual sea, you can do the next best thing.

The next time you just take a bath, make it an experience. Take a couple of scoopfuls of bath soak and place the soak under running water. Allow the soak to melt into the steaming water and release the fragrance into the atmosphere.

When you glide into the bath water and soak, close your eyes and breathe deep a few times and just relax in the comfort of the sea, I mean bath. Have a great experience.

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Mineral Sea Salt Soaks: The Benefits of Sea Salt

The mind, body and soul is responsive to color and fragrance. So, why not treat yourself to these scented dead sea salt mixes that inspire a zen spa-like experience. To transform a bath into a luxurious and therapeutic experience, the use of aromatic salts or aromatherapy will create an atmosphere of sensuality and relaxation. It is the fragrant aroma of the scents in a bath that keeps people coming back to re-create the experience. Should you be in the mood for a truly pampering experience to stimulate your senses, using bath salts will create a truly luxurious atmosphere. Aromatherapy will not only please the senses, but it will relieve sore muscles, relax the body and melt away stress.

As an added benefit of Dead Sea Salts, your body will replenish itself with essential minerals lost throughout your day. If you do not see your favorite scent listed, call us or send an email. We may be able to create the perfect combination just for you.

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