Gardenia Moist Mineral Body Scrub

Gardenia Moist Mineral Body Scrub

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Sea Salt Body scrubs are an essential part any of cleansing routine. Scrubs can help to remove dead, rough, dry skin the your skin's surface revealing smoother, softer looking skin. Scrubs also help to improve blood circulation and fade dark marks or scars.

You can enjoy enjoy our scrubs dry or moist. What's the Difference?

A dry scrub is a scrub that is firm meaning that the moisturizing oils are infused into the salt. As you scrub the skin, the oil is transferred from the salt to your skin. You can simply wet your hands and dip them in the scrub. The scrub will stick to them enabling you to target specific body areas.

A moist scrub is saturated in oil and you'll likely see a good amount of oil in the container. The scrub is used the same way except you'll see a greater amount of oil on your body. This is easily washed away and absorbed. No need to wet your hands before scooping the scrub out. Just scoop and scrub.

Whichever way you prefer, we've got you covered.

Our scrubs are made with sweet almond oil and Emu oil. The sweet almond oil allow the scrub glide effortlessly over your skin and the Emu oil helps to maintain the skins elasticity, promote younger-looking skin and so much more. Enjoy!



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