Japanese Cherry Blossom Body Butter and Mineral Body Scrub Set

Dorian Gray Bath and Body


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Dry, rough skin can be avoided! Try our Scrub & Butter Combo. You'll get a 8 oz. Moist Mineral Body Scrub and an 8 oz. Hydrating Body Butter.
Here's how it works:
On wet skin, grab some of the scrub into your hands and apply to your body in a circular motion. Don't forget your feet, knees, and elbows! Use a light touch; it's not necessary to press hard and avoid open wounds. The scrub uses Dead Sea Salt to remove the dead skin from your body and the emu and jojoba oils help to replenish natural oils to your skin improving elasticity and softness.
Rinse all of the scrub off and apply the body butter on damp skin. This seals in the moisture and helps to soften the skin and especially helps with dry, rough skin.
Repeat as often as you'd like.